Wednesday, 17 October 2007

..And another thing...

Well I've been away, well not away, I've been right here, but the addition of the Uber Cute yet Sent From Satan (I'm sure it was Santa I wrote to...) Kelda Puppy, aka my delightful new pedigree Deerhound bitch, Graizelund Carouselambra... well it kind of makes a dent in the time I can spend sat here, snarking at the world.

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Btw, Snark, thats my favourite word/verb/hobby.

What can we find to snark on today, hmm..

Well first up, theres the S.O.B, the heartless, evil, S.O.B who couldn't find ten minutes to mind a small dog whilst the dog warden/RSPCA/police were called.... a small dog who had been pulled out of the path of heavy traffic mere minutes before...

And dumped said small dog back on the street.

Where approx 3 minutes later, he was hit by a car and killed almost instantly.

Have a browse of the horrible story here

There are not the profanities and expletives, questions on his parentage or size of genitalia that quite cover what I'd like to say about the person responsible for this. I'll try though.

You Cunt.

(There Beverley, you probably shouldn't say that word and I'll bet quite desperately want to.... I said it for you :) )

Now its time for me to have a bleat and a whinge, and if you want to snark at me.. have at the comments box.

I bought Kelda, from a breeder.

In the eyes of most UK Rescue supporters, that makes me EVIL, with an extra head, with more eyes than is strictly usual, and I ought, if we follow the gospel according to Dog Rescue, BURN IN HELL.

Yes, thats right folks, I bought a dog, I paid for her, with money.

Now if you aren't 'au fait' with uk dog rescue feelings and practices... lets lay it out here.

Rescue dog = good.

Bought dog = bad.

There are very very few rescue groups around that will say 'buying a dog from a reputable and responsible breeder is fine'.

And thats why, when I post a picture of the delightful Kelda, the only people who respond are my close friends. Any OTHER puppy gets a thousand posts, "aww" and "bless" and "so sweet" (deranged the lot, puppies are evil as everyone with half a brain knows!, but i digress).

Now does this not seem a little, arse about...ass backwards for you US readers...

Her breeder took the time to make sure her parents were both breeding quality, that they both had sound conformation, sound temperaments and that they complimented one another.

They then found people willing to home these prospective puppies, checked as far as is humanly possible that these people are not going to turn them into a natty coat or train them to eat children etc etc.

They bred the two dogs, they lavished the utmost care and attention upon the mother, and subsequently the puppies.

Said puppies are now all confident, happy, healthy individuals in their new homes, being loved and cared for by their happy new owners.

But thats BAD right, thats a BAD BAD THING. Its WRONG.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the second hand recycled dogs of this world, fugly or not in whatever way - hell I own four!

I have Abby who is 12, she was unwanted after her working days were over, she's a Saluki x Greyhound and was going to be shot. Now shes a happy sofa ornament, having had various lumps and bumps and internal organs removed and been mended at vast expense on a number of occasions.

Then theres Rocky who lost his home because his 14 year old owner became pregnant and chose the baby over the dog (wrong choice in my opinion but thats her loss). Hes short and fuzzy and has a face like a teddy, you can see his mush at the top of this blog where he watches you allllllllll.

Then theres Dilly who was bred to work but wont, is terribly allergic to all things that exist, life itself really, steals as if his life depends on it and is phobic about any sound known to man and probably a few that arent.

And Pteppic, dear old Pteppic, with his squinty eyes due to extremely poor breeding, bred because 'the kids like having puppies around' and taken in by El Sucker here because 'if we cant home them all we will put them to sleep'..... *sucked in*.

But having four second hand reject mutts, thats apparently not enough, how DARE I go and buy a well bred healthy pup, how very dare I!

And it gets stupider, not only is responsible breeding from healthy registered stock BAD AND WRONG in the eyes of the majority, but those breeders who take an interest and involve themselves in rescue..... are also bad and wrong.

So lets get this straight... breeding causes too many dogs...... breeders attempting to take care of any homeless dogs in their breed... thats wrong? How?

I have many sympathies for the rescue dogs and rescues of this world, but heres a heads up...

Good Breeders dont cause unwanted pets. Stop snarking on them, and on those like me who want a well bred pup for once in their scruffy cheap second hand lives, and stop being so bloody narrow minded, you make more of a difference if you do.