Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Terrorists.... Don't Pick Glasgow...

Pretty much any other city in any other country in the world, set cars on fire, strap bombs to people and the reaction you will get is, people running away and screaming.

But not in Glasgow, in Glasgow they run AT you, and they will 'put the boot in'...

Dont believe me, check out this webpage devoted to John Smeaton, baggage handler at Glasgow Airport.

Particularly, pay attention to the videos where the heroic Mr Smeaton, or 'Smeato' as the tribute website dubs him, describes how he attempted to subdue the burning terrorist by 'getting a kick in'...

Had I a hat, I would take it off to you John Smeaton, and I hope you kicked him in the balls!

So are we missing a trick here, perhaps the real way to fight the War on Terrorism.... is to gather up and beer up a load of handy lads from Glasgow, and set THEM on the terrorists?

I like the sound of it myself!

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