Saturday, 3 November 2007

Oh Dear Sweet Mother Of God.... NO!

Designer dog breeds are something that sits uncomfortably with me, 'doodle' this and 'poo' that, when we do have sufficient real, recognised breeds with predictable looks and temperaments (on the whole) to suit anyone who is needing/wanting/capable of owning a dog.

That said, whilst I disapprove of the notion of creating these designer mongrels, especially where there are many thousands of mongrels dying in rescues and pounds across the country - if they are bred responsibly, if the parents have all the required health checks, if the breeders are willing to take back each and if necessary every pup they have ever produced and ensure them a home for life... I can't disagree with that.

But an idle trundle through the interwebnet today... brings me something that had only touched the edges of my concious previously.

That something would be the breeding of 'wolf hybrids'.

Where, where oh where do I start.

Well, minor little factoid one - Wolves Do Not Make Good Pets.

They are wild, dogs are domestic for a reason, wolves are NOT domesticated.

The reason dogs are good pets is because for thousands of years, we have domesticated them, and not without a little help from dogs themselves, who actively wanted to be with us (because they found life easier that way, NOT because they especially like being dressed in pink hoodies and pushed around in strollers).

Wolves do not want to be domesticated, and it is for that reason that in most countries, you will require a Wild Animal Licence to keep one.

Not, however, in all. And in those countries, the human desire to 'look really hard' by means of having a potentially dangerous pet, is fulfilled by the ownership of a dog who has wolf parentage.

Some of these wolf hybrids do contain a large quantity of wolf blood. These are 'the real deal'.... cool? Hell no!

What you have in a wolf hybrid is an animal who will often behave like a domestic dog.

But when the chips are down, when that animal is frightened, threatened, in pain, nervous... he's going to react like a wolf.

One site points out that wolves will avoid humans - and yes, WILD wolves, in their natural environment, in the security of their pack, free to behave naturally - these WILL avoid interacting with people, are not going to attack people...

Remove them from the security of their pack, force them into close contact with human beings, limit their ability to follow natural behaviours, fulfill instictive desires... and they absolutely can, will and DO attack and injure human beings.

Hell, domesticated dogs attack, injure and kill human beings, for EXACTLY the same reasons, ie they are mistreated, they are denied their needs, they are forced into situations they are ill equipped to deal with...

Creating a mixture of dog and wolf is the HEIGHT of human stupidity - for a creature with such a mahoosive brain we really are incredibly stupid!

One website I came across described their wolf hybrids as being safe with children!!!

As a dog behaviourist, I wouldn't state that DOGS are safe with children - safe when supervised, safe when trained and managed correctly, but never flat out 100% safe, no animal is (even our own fucking species often cannot be trusted alone with children!).

Interestingly that particular website had pictures of their 'stud wolf' who looked like the labrador x German Shepherd Dog-est wolf I ever saw - the rest of their dogs looked to be approx 0% wolf as well...

"Prince Adam, supposedly a "McKenzie Valley Arctic" (sic)... (note. Arctic wolfs are one type... 'Mackenzie Valley is another, its an alternative name for ... see below!)

A real Mackenzie Valley - aka Canadian/Alaskan Timber Wolf

Still, its FINE to breed these, because GOD made the wolf so we could live with it, and GOD made the wolf so great he will bond with his pack... shame God made us with hands and thumbs and not paws, Wolf might have had the ability to see us as pack members if he hadnt!

"The main reasons why people want to have a wolf-dog as part of their family is because #1 it is more intelligent and #2 God gave the Wolf the ability to BOND with members of its pack. The bonding ability that God gave all wolves was absolutely necessary so that they could NEVER turn on their OWN family.

God intended a wolf to be a happy, social animal and he made the bonding to ensure that.

A wolf puppy will bond with its family, to the extent that it is not able to turn on its family. It was given the gift of bonding for that reason, and it will obey its nature until it dies."

Really? So how'd you explain all the behaviourists, biologists, dog trainers, zoo workers, animal handlers who will ALL tell you, you cannot trust a wolf or wolf hybrid, you cannot treat them as if they were a dog. The one thing you CAN expect from a wolf hybrid is that it will be completely unpredictable. It is perfectly able and WILL turn on a human if the circumstances force it. That means you miss just ONE piece of crucial yet minute body language... and blammo, wolfonyerface!

Regardless of whether we subscribe to the belief of His existance, the wolf is meant to be a goddamn wolf, not your freaking plaything. Leave Wolf the heck alone, we have Dog, he's fine and hes far more adapted to live with us stupid, clumsy humans.

Still, if you are so retarded as to believe that a wolf hybrid or pure wolf raised as family will be incapable of attacking you... you actually probably deserve to be removed off the planet by your crazed wild animal before you reproduce. If you already did, well thats cool because Wolfy will probably use your babies as a chewytoy.

So on top of the complete retards selling real wolf hybrids, there are even bigger retards selling PRETEND wolf hybrids.

Wow.. are we so insecure, so desperate and needy we have to have a wild animal to somehow justify ourselves, even if its a pretend one?

Where does the madness stop!

Still think a wolfdog is cool? read this


Kim said...

I really enjoyed looking up wolves, and was really getting into it when I found those hybrids, and they sort of broke my brain... so I had to share them with you! Now look what happened, it caused a ranty type thing. :-D

Ems said...

Ah no, snark fodder is always welcomed! If I don't feed the snarkybeast in my head on at least a bi-weekly basis it escapes and maims people.

Kim said...

Gosh, well, we can't have the snark escaping and maiming people, that'd be Bad and Wrong!