Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Little Ray of Sunshine....

It's too easy to get ranty and a bit negative about all the wrong that is done to dogs or in the name of dog training/behaviour, so today's blog is about something nice :o)

I am going to try really hard to balance this blog with dollops of niceness, so, todays 'little ray of sunshine' and I hope he won't mind me calling him little.. is Nando Brown, and in particular, his weekly radio show on

Nando, and the very lovely Donna, run In The Doghouse DTC in sunny Spain

Nando is a huge supporter of positive reward based and force free training, and talks about this on his weekly radio show (tune in here for those of us not living in Spain - Sundays 6pm UK time or you can listen to the podcasts found on the In The Doghouse website.)

Each show involves interviews with two or three people involved in some aspect of the dog training, dog behaviour industry, and I think it is really excellent to hear people talk about their particular topic or area of work.

All too often we see names on books or on websites and blogs, but we don't get to know the person behind that name - Nando's interviews change that, and in doing so, gives us all a chance to realise that no matter how big the name (or how small!), we've all got some great ideas, some interesting ways of looking at things and valid points to make.

For me this is a huge part of why I love the positive, force free training 'world' - we really are a group of people able to talk to one another, exchange views and ideas and grow, and become better dog behaviourists, trainers, whatevers, for it.

I strongly believe that not only are none of us above question or 'too good' to answer queries or explain why we do what we do, but we should all ASK questions, and never be afraid to do so.

As the old adverts said - its good to talk, so do tune into Nando's show or catch up on the podcasts!

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