Friday, 19 April 2013

Review of Cesar Millan's 'Leader of the Pack' show.. for those who avoided watching it!

Episode One.. Jet (I copied this from my post on the Beyond Cesar Millan Group on Facebook)..

Ugh - anyone seen the first episode of Cesars new show 'Leader of the Pack' - if you don't know about it, the premise is, 3 families compete to win (!) a dog from a rescue shelter.
This weeks dog was a lab cross who was really bouncy and hadn't really learned any rules/boundaries so bit of a bull in a china shop, no self control at all.

This poor dog was supposedly on death row - quite why it was beyond anyone at the rescue to train him I don't know - he was not aggressive to people OR dogs (or if he was it was never ever mentioned), he just didn't know the rules.

He was flown out of the UK (I assume flown) to Spain to Cesars new dog centre, along with someone from the rescue. No mention of how long he had been there but he knew what Cesars foot 'touch' meant for sure.

A family of four, a young couple and a single woman all from the UK flew out - now what REALLY got me annoyed was the woman who eventually won, stating when asked why she wanted another dog.. 'ooh well I get to meet Cesar..' yes because THAT is a smashing reason to get another dog and not only that, but fly out what looked like some really ancient dogs as well to melt in the Spanish sun...

Of course whats further annoyed me is sthat she lives not 10 miles from me and is now advertising herself all over the place as a dog walker AND trainer (but only trains leash walking... wha?) on the strength of 2 days in spain with Cesar...

Asides from that it was the usual waffle about dominance, calm submission, jerking and tssting - the winner even worried Cesar at one point when she went straight up to the new dogs run and let him out with her ancient collie (who promptly got knocked over and then later had to have a snap at the new dog whilst hiding from him), and then she took another risk, chucking the ball for him (hes a toy obsessive and slightly possessive dog) with HER clearly ball obsessed dog right by him..... eeeeshk!

So, if thats the way the rest of the show goes, the UK better prepare themselves for an influx of new 'dog psychologists' who have spent all of two days with Cesar. Yay.

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