Tuesday, 2 April 2013

What Price Education?

This week, Bergin University of Canine Studies http://www.berginu.edu/ awarded Cesar Millan an Honorary Masters Degree...

Their facebook page WAS full of lovely photos of the smiling Millan surrounded by eager students, accompanied by his dog Junior.... but Facebookers took issue with Cesar's involvement, particularly with his being awarded a Masters Degree (even if it is Honorary)...

Bergin in their infinite (!) wisdom removed all of that and have replaced it with this:

They actually don't mention the Honorary award here... so you will have to trust me, they did give it to him, and they did then publish this on Facebook, in a 'wow isn't this awesome' kind of way.

I'd like to write an open letter to Bergin University...

Dear Bergin University,

It would seem you are giving out Masters Degrees to any idiot who makes up a load of rubbish and then talks about it on TV.

If I get my teeth whitened and rebrand positive training as 'magic', please can I have a Masters Degree as well?

Emma Judson

I won't await a response and actually, who would now want a real degree from an establishment that feels its necessary to raise its profile by getting involved with a self confessed, uneducated man who REFUSES to educate himself.

I have absolutely no axe to grind against those who did not manage to get a formal education - I am in a very similar boat myself.

My problem is that Cesar HAS now got all the access he needs to education, he has the money, he can make the time, he has the access to all the top people within the profession, and yet he REFUSES, and I can only use that word, there is no other appropriate word for it, to improve himself.

He genuinely thinks, despite evidence to the contrary, that he has nothing else to learn...

Is that a good message for a university to promote?

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