Friday, 11 March 2016

Open Letter to Cesar Millan...

Dear Cesar,

As a dog trainer and behaviourist, I hear a lot of people saying the following things:

"He's saved a lot of dogs that would otherwise be dead"

"If it were not for him these dogs would have been put down".

"He has done wonders for dogs".

We both work with dogs Cesar, but theres a difference between my clients and your clients.

My clients are free to talk about how I work with them, what methods I use, how they feel about that, they are free to talk about what happens in a consultation with me and how the training goes afterwards.

The same applies to every behaviour consultant and dog trainer across the country, in fact, across the world.

So Cesar, lets hear from your past clients shall we?

Lets let them tell it like it is, remove any gagging paperwork that prevents them talking about their experiences..

Where's Cotton, how did little Cotton's life pan out after he got more aggressive with you and then had to have his teeth filed off....

What about Shadow the husky mix you strangled into submissive urination, and was taken back by his former foster carer.. how'd it work out for him?

What about the wee Staffie from Leader of the Pack who last I saw was still fearful and reactive despite being 'fixed' on your show..

Why aren't all these owners of dogs you definitely saved, singing it from the rooftops? They are conspicuous by their silence...

Its really easy to make these claims, but it really is just your word for it... I've never seen you revisit old cases and they certainly don't seem to want to speak for themselves...

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