Tuesday, 22 March 2016

We CAN make a difference...

Far too often we feel powerless, like the little people who alone, speaking as one lone voice, cannot change things.

But that's just not true - those of us involved in any way in the reaction to the Cesar911 episode involving Simon and the pig HAVE started something.. and that something will continue.

L A Animal Control are keeping the case open for a YEAR - please ignore any media coverage that suggests the investigation is coming to a close, this is not true.
The case remains open and now we are asking that anyone with FIRST HAND evidence, anyone who has witnessed activities, methods or practices at the Cesars DPC in L A that they now think perhaps weren't the kindest or most humane options available, to come forward.

Its your turn to speak out now.

Animal control have all the videos, they have expert statements from professionals but what they  need now is you, someone who has witnessed this, in person.

Did you go to the DPC and train there, did you work there in any capacity or volunteer, were you on the show?

Did you see things that with the benefit of hindsight or even at the time, you thought were distressing to animals, caused animals pain or discomfort or fear?

We are NOT necessarily asking you to state yourselves whether YOU think these things were either cruel, or justified, the D A and the court will decide that.

I'd like to clarify again this is NOT about having a pop at Millan, this is about improving the welfare and the safety of animals, not just the animals Millan deals with but all those belonging to people who watch his show and who emulate him.

Potential examples might be...

Dogs being shocked with shock collars causing them to yelp or scream.

Dogs being strung up and asphyxiated on slip leads.

Dogs being pulled off their feet by leash corrections.

Dogs being caused to urinate or defecate in fear.

Other animals being used to assist in training being caused fear or distress or actual pain/injury, such as sheep, goats, alpacas, horses, chickens, pigs etc being chased or caught by dogs.

Dog returning from the DPC's care injured or with signs of injury.

Training methods that you feel have subsequently caused your dog's behaviour to worsen.

Risks being taken with animal health or welfare that were unnecessary.

These are just examples, if you have ANY first hand account of potential cruelty or the causing of unnecessary suffering, please come forward and speak to the L A County Animal Control.

If you just aren't sure - come forward anyway, as long as you were there, at the DPC and  you saw it with your own eyes, Animal Control wants to hear from you.

You may have signed a non-disclosure order - if that is the case you can speak to your own lawyer, or contact Lindsey Laris at the Animal Legal Defense Fund to check that out ALDF

Once again, our objective is not to 'do down' Cesar Millan, it's to ensure that going forward, the methods used and advised are safe, humane and effective without risk to animals or people.

To that end we would like the American Humane Association to be present on set during filming, which currently they are not, and for Millan to update his methods in line with current science and modern understandings of animal behaviour.

We appreciate that this subject raises a lot of emotions - but please only contact Animal Control if you have first hand information. Animal Control HAVE all the video evidence from Cesar's TV shows that they require, and so bombarding them with passionate or angry emails won't help our case.

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